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The Boobalution

There is a revolution stirring. Can you feel it? Underneath all these fearbased structures. Underneath all the news, the drama, the chaos, there is something being birthed.

You may have heard about the rise of the feminine energy, you may not. If you are interested in spiritual stuff, then you may have heard the whispers, seen the articles, felt the shift within yourself. The call to do things differently. Not from the mind but from the heart. From a place of intuition. From a place of unity.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, think it not your thing, far too out there. You cannot deny the world needs changing. We have become far too separate. Consumed by the mind and the constant need to strive for better. We need a stop, a reset, a communal deep breathe and a reassessment of our lives.

You see the world has been in a masculine energy for thousands of years. I am not talking about men here as we all have both masculine and feminine energies. But I am talking about a world driven by the mind, the constant doing, plotting, working, harder, harder, analytical thinking, problem solving etc. And it is tiring, it is not good for our mental health to be working on that level all the time. We on an individual and a collective level need balance. And the balance is feminine.

The feminine energies are intuitive, heartfelt, letting thigs flow, a coming together, a unity.

The feminine has been suppressed but she is rising. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes. And you can feel her power everywhere.

I have witnessed this rise in my own town. I live in Newquay, a beautiful town on the Atlantic coast, with its crashing waves and wild, wild ocean. It has always attracted a special kind of person. We are the misfits, the ones that refuse to fit into societies norms. We like to do things our own way. We are rule breakers. And when the whole world was crashing down, separating itself, isolating itself from loved ones and from society. I witnessed a beautiful birth of the feminine.

I witnessed a Boobalution.

A group of women who love to wild swim started to meet up, started to come together, started to support and encourage others. They call themselves The Blue Tits. And they have empowered so many. In a world where we have been taught to shun other women for their size, their shape, their age, their look, their dress sense, their opinions, their marital status, whatever, we have been taught to catagorise and separate. These women are changing that with love, acceptance, fun, joy, laughter, community. All the things women are really good at. Women of all shapes and sizes meeting up in their bathing suits and encouraging each other to swim in the refreshing ocean.

Their own revolution, their own two fingers up to society. Their own you cannot separate us anymore. You cannot tell us we cannot love each other and ourselves just the way we are.

You see this is what has happened. They have come together and the changes within each person have been monumental. They have not only made new friends but made friends with themselves. With their body, with their mind, with their whole being.

Mental health has improved, confidence has soared, their whole life being transformed by this simple act. By this coming together, this acceptance, this community of women.

You used to come to Newquay and any day of the year see a man in a wetsuit walking down the street with a surfboard. Now you can see a woman in her dressing gown, flowery swim cap on, hot water bottle tucked close to her belly, meeting up with total strangers, with the knowledge and trust that she will be accepted, she will be seen, she will be heard, she will be supported.

I am telling you this Boobalution is the future. It is happening everywhere. Mine is not the only town to see it. Not the only group of Blue Tits, of wild swimmers, of however women are reuniting. The rise of the feminine. The rise of the woman, the rise of their power. You see women know that their power is in unity, not in separation. A women’s power is so potent, so absolute when she opens her heart to others, she is creation and her energy, her light can change the world.

I find I have tears in my eyes as I write this, how apt that my own salty tears mirror that of the ocean. I feel the grief of the separation of the feminine energies. For far too long the earth has felt this separation. This disconnect from her heart. The feminine is in all of us. And she is returning. Bolder, stronger, more potent.

So, rise my sisters rise, allow your true beauty, your power, your joy, your light to shine through. Laugh and frolic in the water, be unashamed of who you are, what you are, for what you are is so so magnificent, so beautiful, you are literally creation in physical form. Allow others to witness and support your amazing being, just as you are.

All hail the Boobalution.


17 thoughts on “The Boobalution”

  1. I love this, you have captured everything about Newquay Bluetits so perfectly. So much support and kindness from everyone you see x

  2. Theresa Ferguson

    What a lovely piece. It’s the friendships formed from heading to the salty shores of Cornwall and the freedom to be yourself and like you say two fingers up to those who judge with distain. Thanks for this Suzanne. ❤

  3. Yes Suzanne. Beautifully written from the heart. The Sisterhood is an amazing force. When we support and love each other we bring empowerment into all our lives building strong women and strong communities . The Bluetits group has done such wonderful work – quietly, gently encouraging each other to conquer and overcome fears and phobias through love and acceptance. Long live the Bluetits x

  4. So true and so beautifully written! Since joing the porth bluetits I have felt more free than I have in a long time, both mentally and physically. There’s no judgement, just kind, friendly and welcoming people who all just want to have fun and challenge themselves. It’s an amazing group ❤️

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