DNA Activations – Awakening Your Light Language

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DNA Activations, my Light Language journey

Hello, I am Suzanne Postings and I am here to Awaken you. It might seem like a bold statement, but it has taken me years to own it and step fully into that knowledge and truth.

You see the programming of the 3D Martix has you believe that you should now own your truth. That you should be a good little sheep and sit in the back row and follow the crowds. But watch a child, watch their natural exuberance, they don’t stand in line, they don’t keep their thoughts or their beliefs to themselves. They don’t dampen down their beautiful bright Soul and their individuality to satisfy others.

Shine Your Light

I was one such child. Bright, loud, chatty, friendly, connected and oh so shiny. It was the systems that shut me down. Told me to be quiet, that I was too loud, that I was wrong for being the bright, enthusiastic, individual me.

So, I kinda shut down. OK, not all the way. Anyone who knows me would not say I was a wallflower. But, I lost faith in myself and tried to fit in and squeeze myself into what society deemed good for me. And, I have never been so miserable.

This is probably resonating with you. How when you have what looks good on paper, what is easily explained, looks like a great job etc then it feels wrong to you. It dulls you down. It blocks your ability to be yourself. So, the only thing left to do is go your own way. Follow the guidance of your Soul, even if to the outside world it seems like madness.

Follow Your Inner Guidance

I have done this so many times. Taken the biggest and quickest leap of faith, and always, always landed firmly and squarely on my feet with a smile and other’s remarking “how the hell did she do that?”.

I did it because I followed my own guidance, my own connection, my own knowing, my own Soul.

Some years ago this happened again. I had been a Reiki Master and Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Master for 15 years. I was teaching, sharing workshops and had expanded into my calling to Shamanic Soul Retrievals. I was also at the time driving a taxi. This easily fitted in with my clients and students and was very flexible and fun. But the universe had other ideas for me.

When Doors Keep Shutting – There is Another Way

Things kept going wrong. The car kept breaking down. I had trips and falls, not bad enough to break anything but bad enough to make sure I couldn’t drive the taxi for a few weeks, a broken toe here, arm in a sling there.

So, eventually I sold the taxi. I didn’t know the next step. I let go of what I had been told was my way to survive financially. I also want to tell you I am a single mother, with a child and a home and a dog to look after.

So, I was kinda doing this and that and teaching healing, expanding people’s consciousness and guiding them to awakening. I always loved holding space for people and witnessing and supporting their expansion. But I knew there was even more.


One day my friend told me of Zoe Davenport. Of how she was bringing in the new 5D energies. So, I went on her website and joined her mailing list and downloaded the transmission.

It sat in my inbox for a few weeks. Then one day I had some quiet space and I listened. Or shall I say received. I didn’t know it was Light Language, I didn’t know it was DNA Activations and I certainly did not realise how much this would change my life.

The feeling I got from the transmission was indescribable. Something shifted in my whole energy field and the light and expansion could be felt on a deep and powerful level. My reality changed instantly, and deeply private conversations started to happen, apologies were given to me and parts of my Soul came back from hurtful situations.

I had done DNA Activations in 2004 so I was familiar with the concept and the power. But this was something else. I had not experienced Light Language before and could not have foreseen its power.

Allow Light Language to Awaken your DNA

DNA activations awaken codes held within your DNA. So, what is right for you and who you are becomes stronger. You shift your frequency and connection. You awaken to your truth like never before.

I knew this was my next step. So, with deep, deep faith I embarked on a 2 month DNA Activation experience with Zoe. I call it an experience because course doesn’t really explain it. In fact, words hardly explain it. It must be FELT and experienced.

That summer I retreated, I gave myself space, I let go of people who would have opinions on what I was doing. I let myself sink in and be held, I let it be a deeply private journey. One where in Zoe’s expert guidance I shed the old me and awakened to a new way of being.

Freedom and Truth

My life changed. My focus changed. My energy changed. My abilities awakened. And my own Light Language was activated. Tentatively at first. I was called into action when having coffee with a friend and the air shifted, the dimensions opened, and spontaneous sessions came through. Clients coming for Reiki came round speaking Light Language. Students abilities awakened far beyond the systems of Reiki or Shamballa.

I wasn’t sharing these systems anymore in their original form. I was awakening people to their truth. Expanding their consciousness, their connection and activating their light.

Some years previously in a Shamanic journey I was shown myself as a Phoenix, a spark of light, an activator of others.

Expanding Outside of The Box

And then it all made sense, my whole life.

I wasn’t here to fit in. I was here to stand out. If I was bright it was because I was meant to be seen, if I was loud it was because I was meant to be heard.

So, yes I will own my purpose now. Own my truth. And in that I will guide you to owning yours. You are magnificent. You came here to shine. You came here to change the world. You came here to share your gifts. Let me activate your Light Language, your deepest expression of self, your Soul’s truth.

In the Soul Light Activations we journey through 6 weeks of activation and expansion. Bringing your light to life.

Join our community of Light and possibility. Follow your guidance and FEEL the vibration and power of the Light Language I channel by connecting to my FREE offerings at Suzanne Postings (podia.com)


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