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Healing with Light Language

I have been working with healing energies for 20 years. I started with Reiki and then expanded in Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Yoga teaching and Shamanic practices. But nothing is as powerful, potent, lasting or so freaking awesome as Light Language.

We are talking other level shifts and vibrations. And it is so amazing how it works wherever you are in the world and whenever you receive it. This is working in the quantum realm of energy. I get that it is a shift in perspective that the mind cannot always comprehend but it is the absolute truth.

Since the Light Language has been activated in me I have witnessed so many shifts in my clients and the way I work has expanded in ways I never could have imagined.

I truly believe this is just the tip of a monumental iceberg. We are only just beginning to understand the depth of awakening, activation, connection and pure love that Light Language has to offer us as a human collective.

How Does Light Language Actually Work?

The Light Language that comes through me is both tonal and in words. It is understood by your energy field on a vibrational, subatomic level. It bypasses the subconscious mind and works at a Soul level. Shifting density and allowing in more light.

It is all about vibration. We are energetic beings so working directly into the energy field shifts things on a deep soul level, allows for deep healing and expansion.

The way I look at it is your body is your ancestral home. You have inherited this place with all its’ drafty windows and cracked tiles and most people live in it and make do. Most healing like for example Reiki, which is amazing and so powerful, is like changing the sheets, clearing out the cupboards and giving the place a good clean. Of course, we all feel so much better when we have a clean house and with some space in the cupboards. This is fabulous.

Then Comes Light Language

This is the knocking down walls, remodeling the kitchen, putting a new roof and a 3-storey extension kinda change.  Blasting the old stagnant energy and beliefs, all that old outdated s*** and bringing you a new life, perspective and energy flow.

Your truth is light, your truth is connection, your truth is love, your truth is source, your truth is God.

Ancestral and Karmic Energy

You see you have both ancestral and Karmic energy in your field, past life stuff as well as what you have picked up in this incarnation.

When I work with clients either on an individual or collective level, I open up the field of energy with my guides and can actually see and feel this density. Then my guides will bring through the clearing with the Light Language.

The vibration cuts through deeply held Karmic junk. And then when the density has gone, we call in more of your authentic truth. Because there is space for it.

But we get bogged down, heavy, clogged, stuck. And as we let go of all that then we fill in more of our authentic truth.

It is not important to go into the stories of the past life, this can trigger the mind to create more stories that keep you stuck. We feel the intensity of the energy, the Karmic junk and then release it.

The same with ancestral energy. We are able to feel where disconnection has occurred, where hurt and pain has been felt and then release it not only for you but for your ancestors.

And then from this life, deeply held pain, shame, fear, sadness, loss can be released.

It is quite spectacular.

Feeling Light Language

Human, earthly words do not describe its potency. I always say it is like trying to explain sex to a virgin!! Lol It has to be felt. All the studying and trying to understand from the perspective of the mind does not in any way prepare you for the sheer feeling of it all. The absolute pleasure of having source energy running through your whole being.

Come and try it for yourself with my FREE offerings and feel the absolute truth of the beauty and power that is Light Language.

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