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How Can I Learn Light Language?

This is one of the questions I get asked the most. And my answer is you do not really learn it, it is not a question of following x, y and z in a linear fashion. It is an AWAKENING. An activation of your Soul’s gifts, your soul’s connection. And this happens through DNA activations.

Bringing Your Light To Life

Hi, I am Suzanne and I am an Awakener. I am here to activate the latent codes in your DNA to shift your energy and awaken your true potential. The spark in me activates the spark in you, that is how the world awakens and how our Light Language comes through.

Sometimes, there may be a spontaneous awakening. Through a connection or an experience. Something that pushes you and breaks the hard shell of the ego, that forces light into the cracks. This is only the beginning.

You Are A Being of Light

There is so much available to us. We are Multi-Dimensional Beings. We have access to great knowledge, light, power and love. And as we become more and more in tune with this connection miracles happen not only on a personal but on a global scale.

You know this, your Soul knows this. Even if your mind is trying to convince you otherwise. Giving you all the reasons why not, why not you, not now, not this. But I ask you why are you here? If Light Language was not for you, right now, you would not be reading this.

Awakening To New Possibilities

So, take some breaths, quieten the mind and ask yourself what do you truly desire? Is this your absolute truth? Does the thought of being able to channel Light Language amaze and excite you?

YES. Of course it does. Because it is your TRUTH. Your Soul’s translation. Your Light. Your Power. Your absolute, joyful connection.

So, I have created the Soul Light Activations to awaken you, to guide and support you, to give you the confidence to expand. This 6-week journey has been born out of 20 years as a Multi-Dimensional channel and teacher. And a lifetime of conscious exploration and a deep, deep desire for freedom on all levels.

So, let my spark awaken yours, let my flame ignite yours. Let’s explore, expand, activate and oh so beautifully SHINE.

Feel the vibration and power of my Light Language for yourself through my FREE offerings and let me bring your light to life.

You can book webinars, one to one sessions, course and of course the Soul Light Activation program at Suzanne Postings (

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