Light Language, A Soul’s Expresssion

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Read on for the first chapter of my new e-book available soon:

Light Language: A Soul’s Expression


You are here because of your interest in Light Language. Something has sparked and awakened in you. This is not new to you, you are being called back home. Light Language is the language of your soul and it is your deepest expression.

I am here to awaken your connection and expand your journey into light. But I am getting ahead of myself.

First let me introduce myself and tell you how Light Language found me. So settle in, grab a drink, curl up and let me say hello.

I am Suzanne and I have been on this personal journey since 2001 when I left the UK for a year’s travelling to Asia and Australia. I didn’t realise it at the start but this was to be an even greater adventure that I could have ever imagined. As I left behind the confines and programming of the Western world and embraced the flow of life, my mind and my life began to awaken to a new way of being. This space in my life and in my beliefs allowed for a relaxation and the reawakening of my intuition, a flow I was not used to but that my whole being embraced with a deep sigh and a knowing that this was how life was supposed to be.

On my journey I was guided to Reiki. I had no previous conscious knowledge of what it was or how it worked. But one day in a little hippy town in Northern Thailand called Pai, I saw a sign for a Reiki level 1 and without question I got out my well used credit card and booked it and my life changed forever.

It was not a gentle awakening but a deep, kick up the arse, we will show you what was possible kind of one. I was immersed into a world of wild yogis and free spirits and ideas and beliefs that at the time in the Western world would have raised serious doubts about my sanity.

I spent a few years in Asia, playing, working, expanding and in 2004 when I was ready to do my level 2 Reiki, the universe again showed me a new pathway.

There are pivotal points and people in your life which you never forget and my first meeting with Judith Paul was one such time. Judith is a rare soul of absolute delight, an open and loving heart, a wealth of knowledge and a power-house of energy and expansive light that will knock your socks off at 20 paces.

Judith, a travelling Canadian, who had spent time in Guatemala and Asia, was teaching a different system of healing in an open way. She had brought together her extensive knowledge and expanded it to include many healing modalities. She was at the time an Usui (traditional) Reiki master, A Karuna Reiki master, a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing master and a Mayan High Priestess, all wrapped up in an unassuming exterior of a smiling, gentle, Western woman.

It was in her care and expert guidance I was once again thrown into a world of expansion beyond my wildest dreams. As she was sharing Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, a deeper and more expansive form of Reiki and mixing it with her knowledge of other traditions, Judith suggested that I start at the beginning and do my Level 1 again.

So, on a hot, hot morning in April, in a little sacred teaching space Judith and her beautiful friend Libby had created called Jing Jai (True Heart in Thai) once again in my beloved Pai, I handed myself over to the universe and surrendered to the unknown.

It is only with hindsight and the passing of nearly 20 years that I understand the depth of those teachings. Those days spent in a sacred circle, with like minded souls from around the world. Blasting open our minds to new possibilities. Expanding our energies and opening gateways to new dimensions. This was the start of my journey to Light Language. It has taken many twists and turns, the road has not been straight, it has not been easy, and it has been paved with many challenges, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Now in my 50’s that road has bought me so much humility and understanding of our human journey. Of what we go through in this life and what we must do to shed the bounds of constriction in the 3D world and awaken to our possibilities as a multi-dimensional, expanded being of infinite light.

Welcome to your journey,



I channel Light Language in all my sessions, activations and webinars. I have lots of FREE material available for you to listen to and FEEL the vibration for yourself. Sign up and start your journey xx

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