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What is Light Language?

So, let me guess you have heard Light Language or of it and something stirred in you? Some deep desire to know more about it. Some deep questions arising.

What is Light Language? Can I speak Light Language?

You are following your Soul’s guidance and seeking more information. Something in you knows this is for you. If it weren’t, if you couldn’t connect with Light Language for yourself then you wouldn’t be here, it is as simple as that.

And as you open your mind to the possibility and allow your consciousness to expand, your own ability to channel this for yourself will awaken.

Light Language is the language of the Soul

It is your deepest vibration of truth, of the LOVE that you are. The expression of source or God through sound, words, tones, hand gestures, art, dance and symbols.

It can be used for many things and I have been told by my guides that we are only just beginning to understand its power and potency.

As we grown in our multi-dimensional connection and capacity so will our ability to channel this high vibrational source love to change humanity and shift into higher dimensions.

You see you are a multi-dimensional being

You exist in many realms all at once. You answered a call to action by the Higher Councils of Light. To come to Earth at this time and shine your light, assist humanity and ascend to higher states of consciousness.

So, you came, you agreed with such love and excitement to experience being human and witnessing and supporting this Great Awakening. But you had to forget your truth. You agreed to this willingly, knowing that you could never really be separated from Source, because you are it and it is you. You knew that you were going to experience reality and energy in physical form.

You also knew that when the time was right, in the right set of circumstances for you, you would awaken. You knew that you would follow your own path. Break through the programming of the 3D Matrix and follow your own inner guidance, even if it seemed crazy to the masses.

Awakening to your truth

So here you are. Listening to your Soul. Releasing the Ego’s need to understand and explain everything. And allowing your fascination, your childlike wonder of the unexplained, the out there, the spiritually expanded, totally bonkers, seemingly unimaginable possibilities that there is MORE. That you are MORE. So much MORE to you, to this life, to this existence.

And the truth is LIGHT. It is ENERGY. It is LOVE.

You are this LIGHT, this LOVE. And Light Language is the expression of that beautiful, divine, expansive truth.

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