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About Suzanne

Hi I am Suzanne Postings and I am so happy to connect with you and share a little bit about my story.

My transition into this human life wasn’t a smooth one. As a baby doctors thought I was blind because my eyes were such a strange colour. I didn’t develop as quickly as other children for the first year. And it took me a while to respond and progress. In later years I realised some of my Soul had separated at birth due to trauma and this lead me down the path of Shamanic Soul Retrievals. 

I can remember being highly connected and intuitive as a child and always had vivid dreams and had a fierce sense of equality. I also struggled at school, not because of my lack of intellect, that was always sharp but because I struggled with rules and regulations and being put into a box. I was always chatty and wanting to connect and have fun. I didn’t see why learning had to be so linear and controlled. I always had a loud, outgoing personality and refused to be silenced and dampened down. This lead to much criticism and hurt to my inner child. This has lead me to lots of inner work and helped me become a much deeper and compassionate healer.

In my teens and 20’s I partied hard and loved easily. I eventually went to university at 25 and gained an honours degree. So after that I decided that maybe I should get a “proper” job. But this lead to a great deal of anxiety and depression. The corporate world was just not for me.

So in 2001 I went travelling to Asia where I spent few years studying with some amazing visionary teachers.

It was here I started my Reiki journey in 2002 and in 2004 I was reintroduced to my Multi-Dimensional connection and 5th Dimensional Consciousness  when I became a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Master.

Since then have been working to deepen my knowledge, connection and understanding.

I have trained as a yoga teacher and in Shamanic practices and have been attuning people into Shamballa Reiki for many years. 

I have undergone deep Light Language activations, awakening dormant codes within my DNA which has strengthened my intuition, connection and ability to channel high vibrational source energy.

I am humbled daily by this work and it is an honour to serve humanity in this time of ascension. I am happy to connect with you and be your guide on this journey.

In loving service

Suzanne xx

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