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About Suzanne

Light Language … Unlock The Real You.

Suzanne Postings is one of the UK’s leading Light Language practitioners, working with clients globally to shift their frequency and awaken their potential. 

Having worked in the field of multidimensional healing for 20 years, Suzanne has a wealth of understanding to draw upon to help you activate Light Language within yourself, heal with these high-frequency Light Language codes and live your life at a level of freedom and joy. 

Helping You, Wherever You Are.

Your journey into a life of no limitations is going to be unique to you. Suzanne’s ability to channel high-frequency energy and her knowledge gained from working with a huge number of individuals over the last 20 years, means that she can offer various services suited to your needs. 

Whether you want to clear dense karmic energy and trauma, activate Light Language within yourself or gather with like-minded individuals to share light and divine intentions, Suzanne has something for you.

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Changing Your Destiny Is Possible. 

Hi! My name is Suzanne Postings. I’m a light language activator and high-frequency energy healer.
Thank you for connecting with me. 

I’d like to share a little bit about my story with you. I feel we may have some things in common. Many people on this path have struggled just like me, before fully bringing their light to life. 

Soul Separation. 

My transition into this human life certainly wasn’t a smooth one. 

As a baby, doctors thought I was blind because my eyes were such a strange colour. For the first year of my life, I didn’t develop as quickly as they thought I should. It took me a while to respond and progress. 

It wasn’t until later in life, when I was working with energy and consciousness, that I realised some of my soul had separated from me at birth because of trauma. This realisation was ultimately what led me to the powerful path of Shamanism and Shamanic Soul Retrievals. 
An Intuitive Child.
Maybe just like you, I can remember being very intuitive as a child. Vivid dreams, a high connection and a strong sense of equality should have led me towards a path of empowerment, but instead, it led me down a path of struggle and inner turmoil.

I hated rules, regulations and being forced to fit into a box. I couldn’t see why learning had to be so linear and controlled. My loud, outgoing personality refused to be silenced and dampened down. I was harshly criticised and my inner child was deeply hurt. But without these experiences, I wouldn’t have done all those years of inner work that led me to become a much deeper and compassionate healer. 

Following My Heart.

In my teens and early 20’s, I partied hard and loved abundantly. At 25 I went to university and gained an honours degree. I felt pressure to fit in and get a “proper” job. But the corporate world was just not for me and I suffered from a great deal of anxiety and depression. 

Nervously packing it all in, I decided to go travelling in Asia, where I spent the next few years studying with some amazing visionary teachers. I felt truly alive.

It was here that I started my journey into energy work and consciousness. First, it was Reiki, then in the early 2000s, I was reintroduced to my own, personal multi-dimensional connection and 5th-dimensional consciousness. This changed everything for me in the most profound ways. I became a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Master. 

Living Through My Heart.

Since that big turning point in my life, I have been relentlessly working to deepen my knowledge, my spiritual connection and my understanding of energy. My love for this path led me to train in many different disciplines such as Shamanism and yoga, before deciding to attune people to the powerful healing energies available to each and every one of us, whenever we want. 

Having personally gone through years of deep Light Language activations, I can now hold very high-frequency energy. My dormant DNA codes are fully online which has strengthened my intuition, my connection to spirit and my ability to channel these high-frequency Light Language codes for others, to guide and support them to do the same. 

Those precious qualities that were repressed as a child now motivate me to serve people like you at this time of ascension. My abundant love for others and my strong sense of equality drive me to guide others to live a purposeful, empowered and loving life.

I am deeply humbled by this work and I’d love it if you’d let me guide you through your journey. 

Book with me now and let me bring your light to life

Suzanne xx

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