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Deep Soul Sessions

Do you feel that something is holding you back?  Do you know that there is so much more to life? Do you feel heavy, dense energy?
Yes, then these sessions are for you.

The Deep Soul Sessions are my unique healing sessions that have been developed from 18 years of being a energy healer. These sessions use Light Language to clear you of anything that is holding you back.

We have in our energy field old Karmic junk, outdated contracts and promises from this or past lives. We also carry ancestral energy that holds us back.

These sessions clear Karmic junk from your Akashic records, releasing outdated contracts and ancestral energy and transforming your reality.

Whether it be past lives or ancestral energy it can all be accessed and cleared now, right here in the present moment.

Clearing Karmic contracts and outdated vows bring your vital energy and life path into divine alignment giving you access to more joy, passion and abundance.

Clearing at this level brings greater connection to your Soul’s path allowing for more alignment, flow, clarity and joy.

With the bundle you can mix and match your sessions. So you can have one session of each if that is what you require. And these can be decided and discussed at the start of each session and is lead by you, please choose the Mix and Match bundle when booking.

Sessions are £180 for 1 hr 30 mins, 

or 3 Sessions for £450

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What people have to say

Watch the video by the lovely Alex who shares her experience of having a Deep Soul Session with me:

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I had a Deep Soul Session with Suzanne and I'm not exaggerating when I say it has subtly changed me. Using sound, Suzanne cleanses the body and spirit, concentrating on ancestral and karmic issues from past lives. Chakra by chakra she works on helping you release, cleanse and heal blockages and issues. The issues Suzanne identified were spot on and I felt the energies she raised working on me. It was an amazing experience and several days later I am feeling just as good- if not better. I feel a subtly better version of my self, much lighter and really unburdened. And the day after the cleansing, I manifested a job opportunity i’d been seeking for months. Suzanne really has something. Give her a go!
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I have had the pleasure of receiving a number of treatments from Suzanne from Reiki, power retrievals, shamanic journeying and level 1 Reiki attunement. Suzanne is a very special individual with a genuine ability to guide you to the parts of your existence that require healing. Throughout my journey into spiritual awakening she had been supportive, always willing to share her knowledge. I have undergone some profound healing since being in contact with Suzanne that I have not managed to achieve before.
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Suzanne is a spiritual healer of the most gentlest, amazing, kind! The equal measure of nurturing, love support and kindness I experienced at the hands of Suzanne go beyond words! I am forever grateful to her for the ease in which she navigated my personal point of my spiritual journey and cannot wait to continue with the next leg of this journey with Suzanne! Thank you seems weak but THANK YOU Suzanne, you literally rocked my humble existence!!! 💚🙏🏻♥️
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As a lightworker, healer, mystic myself I’m careful in my choice of healer... Suzanne’s sessions are for me like high potency vitamins for my energy body! She channels a transformative combination of healing across m ultiple dimensions and timelines. It’s powerful, tangible, immediate and profound. Not for the faint hearted but definitely for those who want to shift and expand rapidly. Plus you won’t find anyone doing this kind of work who is more down to earth, good humoured and fun.
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Suzanne is a fabulous teacher and gifted healer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience on all things spiritual, energy and 5D. I've had many healing sessions with Suzanne when I'm in need of shifting energy or needing help in reconnecting to source. Suzanne's workshops are always high energy,insightful, nurturing and fun and she is a confident and caring teacher who supports everyone in finding their light. A authentic, wise and insightful healer who continues with integrity and raw honesty and continued personal development. So excited to see where 2020 takes you Suzanne 🙌🏻💫💗

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