Light Language Activation

Are you ready to awaken your Light Language Codes?

You have latent codes in your DNA that when awakened unlock your spiritual gifts and open you up to your spirit guides, allowing you to channel their energy through Light Language.

You may have a deep connection with Atlantis, Lemuria, The Pleiades, The Arcturians to name a few of the star races who are just waiting for you to remember the truth of who you are.

Some time ago I started to unintentionally awaken Light Language within students and clients. During sessions they would see symbols, remember words or see visions. It was then I realised it is part of my Soul contract to awaken other’s to their amazing gift.

Allow me to awaken the Light Language within you.

Light Language comes in many forms. It can be written, symbols, spoken, tonal, clicking, singing or hand gestures. It is deeply ceremonial.

It is felt from the heart and bypasses the conscious mind. So there
is no thoughts in its delivery, it flows through the heart and out.
It allows for great change in those who activate it within themselves and those they share it with.

It is your gift to the world. Raising not only your vibration but that
of the planet. It can be used in healing work for deep, profound
change, working directly on a soul level and clearing Karmic debris.

So if you are a way shower, a light channel, healer, mystic, guide, star seed or any of the human words we use to describe ourselves and you want to awaken the Light Language within you, now is the time.

I invite you to follow your heart and step into you power. Book a session with me and activate your soul’s gifts now.

With the bundle you can mix and match your sessions. So you can have one session of each if that is what you require. And these can be decided and discussed at the start of each session and is lead by you, please choose the Mix and Match bundle when booking.

Sessions are £180 for 1 hr 30 mins, or 3 Sessions for £450.

Ready to start your journey?

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