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Soul Retrievals

When something that is deemed as traumatic happens to you in your life part of your soul detaches to take away the pain to protect you. In the short term this can be beneficial but in the long term it means that you don’t feel whole and your life doesn’t flow as it should.

This can lead to addiction, depression, chasing the wrong relationships, lack of abundance, self worth issues or just not feeling grounded and settled.

Soul Retrievals are a traditional Shamanic practice. These trans-formative sessions re-unite your Soul parts that have been lost through trauma. Connecting you to the essence of who you are, reigniting your joy, passion, creativity and fun.

Making you feel whole again and better connected to your Soul bringing in new opportunities and changing your mood, emotions and your reality.

Sessions are £180 for 1 hr 30 mins or Mix and Match bundle 3 sessions for £450

With the bundle you can mix and match your sessions. So you can have one session of each if that is what you require. And these can be decided and discussed at the start of each session and is lead by you, please choose the Mix and Match bundle when booking.

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What people have to say

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Had the most amazing experience with Suzanne. The way I am feeling is indescribable but I can’t thank her enough. I feel like a part of me has been returned and I cannot wait to continue growing after receiving her incredibly talented work! Definitely recommend & I am sure I will be back for more! Thankyou x
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I went to Suzanne for a reiki and shamanic soul retrieval and it was a lovely healing and transformational experience. During the session i could feel some really heavy energies that I'd been carrying for a long time literally lift out of me. It was like she was taking dead or un needed layers of energy from me that had been dragging me down and literally cleaning my energy and soul. The atmosphere in her house is just lovely and peaceful and relaxing and Suzanne gave me so much useful information to take away with me. Many thanks Suzanne you're a lovely and very special and much needed lady i will definitely be back for some more. ❤️🙏❤️
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I went to see Suzanne for a soul retrieval. I went into it with an open mind and left with my mind blown. My apologies for not being able to explain what happened to me but it was a truly amazing experience that I’ll never forget. And I left having gained exactly what I wanted. And a whole lot more to be honest. Suzanne thank you from the bottom of my heart. Brian ❤️🙏
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Suzanne is amazing!! I had a Soul/Power retrieval this afternoon and it was incredible!! Suzanne really made me feel at ease through the process and enabled me to let go and release everything I needed to and has given me my power back. I feel whole again!! I really can’t thank you enough!! Xxxx

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