These New Frequencies Are Waiting For You. 

So let’s bring your light to life.

Go beyond all your limitations, clear old karmic energy and awaken your unique gifts.
Now is the time to become all that you are capable of being. Now is the time to become truly free.

Discover The Real You.

My name is Suzanne Postings and I’m one of the UK’s leading Light Language practitioners, supporting clients globally to shift their frequency and unlock their potential. I am here to activate your DNA and connect you to high-frequency energy and bring through powerful, life-changing, light codes.

For the last 20 years, I’ve been helping people like you tap into their true selves and bring through high forms of multidimensional energy.

The results? Incredible.

You’re Not Meant To Suffer.

My methods clear old karmic energy and dense trauma in minutes. Releasing you from past life and ancestral energy without the need to activate the story and go down a rabbit hole of suffering. Let’s bypass your old beliefs and mindsets and connect directly to your soul.

You’re Not Meant To Have Limitations.

I’m going to take you on a journey back to yourself,  getting in touch with your Higher-Self, your Soul and your true essence.
You’re a beautiful multidimensional being, capable of anything.

Together we can:

– Activate your true DNA

– Help you embody 5th-dimensional consciousness

– Align you with your very own purposeful path

You’re Not Meant To Hide Your Gifts.

You were born with unique and powerful gifts that your soul has been striving to express. Let’s release stagnant energy and awaken the real you.

– Access your spiritual gifts

– Deepen your psychic connection

– Amplify your healing abilities

– Develop the ability to channel light language yourself

Does that sound good to you?

Then come and join our community of expanded souls and bring your light to life.

You’re Meant To Be Shining Your Light Brightly.

You already know what’s possible for you. Your Soul knows there is so much more and is guiding you to expand your connection. Sessions will activate the higher frequencies you need to allow for greater flow and deeper expression of your truth.

The great thing about energy is that it doesn’t work along the lines of our human limitations. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey – we have a level playing field to work from.

When you join this unique field of energy that I have created, you’ll find a range of offerings, from intensive 1-2-1 sessions, group webinars, live courses and plenty of free channelled light language recordings and webinars.

Where Do You Want To Start?

Work With Me Privately.

We can target any specific issue you would like help with. You’ll easily be able to shift any density you’ve been struggling to let go of and bring yourself back into wholeness.

Book A 1-2-1 Session With Me.

Join My Group Offerings.

Set your intentions and join the collective energy of my group fields. Experience powerful activations and maximum expansion. You can choose from.


Check out my upcoming webinars, helping you with a range of different topics from clearing outdated financial beliefs to shifting past life trauma. Missed one? No worries, you can purchase the recording

Book Onto A Webinar or access past webinars


Immerse yourself in one of my courses. The activations are potent and powerful as we come together weekly in sacred circle to share and offer support and guidance, you’ll be starting a journey of rapid expansion.

Sign Up To A Course.

Collective Light Sessions

Join my live, circle on the 21st of every month. Here is a safe space to be seen and grow, whilst coming together with other lightworkers and starseeds. By setting divine intentions and creating a high-frequency field of light, we all shine together.

Join My Monthly Online Circle. 21:21 Collective Light Sessions

Allow me to Bring your light to life,

Love Suzanne xx

Come and join us

Activate Your Soul’s Gifts with Soul Light Activations
Soul Light Awakenings 

Awaken your Light Codes and expand your spiritual connection with this 6 week journey starting September 2021. Just £555. 
Book Your FREE Deep Dive call with Suzanne here.

Soul Expression 4 Month Mentorship

September 2021, £1111
Book Your FREE Deep Dive Call with Suzanne here.

Your light is needed, come and shine it brightly with the world in these powerful sacred circles of energy and love. Raise your personal and the collective vibration and be the change you want to see.

21:21 Collective Light Sessions, £21

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